About Supreme Castings & Pattern Co., Inc.

Supreme Castings & Pattern Co., Inc., is a premium quality foundry recognized as a pioneer in plaster mold casting. Supreme is one of very few foundries possessing competence and experience to pour several aluminum alloys which produce castings meeting the exact specifications of U. S. Military and aerospace applications.

Since its inception in 1971, Supreme has earned its reputation as an innovator, advancing the art of plaster mold casting through technical contributions which have made the process not only more cost effective, but a viable method of choice over sand casting, investment casting and in many cases die casting or hog-out parts.

Supreme’s diverse customer base includes several leading aerospace and defense contractors such as Honeywell, Northrop-Grumman, G.E. Aviation, L3-Communications

In addition, Supreme has supplied castings to several commercial electronics and medical equipment manufacturers.